Enjoy hot or cold drinks in your own Quail Town mug. Endorsed by Wood John Johnson and made by Leif Bjornson. Click photo for info.
Read Chuck Nowlen's article about Eureka Valley in the Hudson Star-Observer.
Suzanne Lindgren writes a great story about Eureka Valley in the Country Messenger

Nestled among the glistening lakes of northwestern Wisconsin, Northern Lakes Farm is only a 75-minute drive from the big cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul but feels like a million miles from all the traffic and cars. 

Eureka Valley Grandfathers' Grandfathers is now for sale right from our site or through on-line bookstores. If you love country things like farming, horses, wildlife and rivers we think you'll love this book. Please click here for more on Eureka Valley.

We recently tripled the number of acres we have in hay and have fine crops of alfalfa/grass mix and pure grass. Click here for more info on quality hay.

We've trained and sold the incredible Rocky Mountain Horse breed for a decade now. Don't be surprised if you've never heard of Rocky Mountain Horses. They are a rare gaited breed. In fact, there are only 20,000 on earth - compared to more than 2 million Quarter horses! Click to discover Rockies for yourself.

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Click to see Blondie gaiting bridleless.

Bird's eye view of Northern Lakes Farm
Bird's Eye View of Northern Lakes Farm
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Click here to hear the Rocky Mountain Horse song! (2mb file)
Great Article on Rockies from Western Horseman - it's a big (4mb) file, be patient