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Rocky Mountain Horses

We've trained and sold the incredible Rocky Mountain Horse breed for a dozen years now.

These irresistible horses were created by the Appalachian mountain people of Eastern Kentucky. The Appalachian mountains require a sure foot, patience and a smooth gait to navigate the countless valleys and peaks. "Rockies" have these qualities combined with a kind eye, flowing mane and beautiful array of colors.

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While we don't have any Rocky Mountain Horses for sale now, we can also help you evaluate a horse you are considering buying from another farm. We can also help locate one for you from a network of Rocky owners we know around the country. Give us a call at 715-557-0384 or Click here to email us.

We are part of the movement to train and condition gaited horses using Natural Horsemanship. We take inspiration from the likes of Ray Hunt, Chris Cox, Tom Dorrance, Liz Graves, Lee Ziegler and Larry Whitesell. You won't find any double twisted wire mouthpiece gag bits, complicated tiedown rigs, chemicals or weights in our tack room. You also won't need any special farriers or bits to make our horses gait when you get them home. What you see is what you get - enjoy!