Choco Royale
To help you get to know this wonderful gelding better, we've got quite a collection of Choco Royale videos and photos. Click on the video clips below to see him gaiting, getting in the trailer, standing patiently to be tacked up, mounted and untacked, and have his feet picked. There is also a great set of photos below the videos. As you can see, this fine young gelding has a strong foundation to support him for years of your enjoyment. 
Look mom no hands!
Gaiting up the road.
Let's hop in the trailer!
Time to tack up
Picking out those hooves
Bridling up
Standing quietly for mounting
Now let's take off the tack.
Conformation video shots

Chocolate - White mane & tail

Year of Birth: 2004


Sire: Sir Choco Lot by Choco Dock

Dam: Kentucky Blue's Susie by Kentucky Blue

Click for Pedigree

This fine gelding is truly a total Rocky package. Very calm, yet curious. Wonderful compact conformation, awesome color and gait, gait, gait.  

Royale (we call him Roy) will be six in mid-September 2010.  We started him a couple months after his third birthday in late Fall 2007. He is the most interested young horse we've worked with. In the round pen Roy always checked in to see what we are asking from him and then doing his best to do it. Hiking around the farm or going over obstacles, he surveys the situation carefully and then takes care of business.  Putting on the saddle and bridle were non-events. 

In addition to his curious mind, Roy is an wonderful athlete.  Watching him turn on the fore and hind is like watching water flow. His hindquarters really get under him as him moves forward in a very well balanced frame. Like a hockey player gliding down the ice, Roy makes fast action seem effortless. 

While we do not push for gait in the first year of training, Roy went ahead and gaited away anyway.  Take a look at his video from early December 2007 when he has about 20 rides on him. We rode him lightly in 2008 and focused on gait and trail rides in 2009. After a couple months off in the dead of winter, Roy began working regularly again in February 2010. He gaits in a snaffle, sidepasses and spins too. We are now taking him out on the trail any day the weather is good. He just loves it and it is a pleasure to watch him take in new sights and then carry on.  

Roy is a half brother to our Blond Brownie and Sir Latte which is why we wanted to get our hands on him in the first place.  If you are looking for a smaller, princely gelding with a sharp mind and kind spirit, Roy may be your man.