Smart, curious and very well gaited 4 year old mare.

Dark chocolate - flaxen mane & tail

Year of Birth: 2009

Size: 14.2h

Sire: Holy Knight

Dam: LRR Lady's Libby 

Natalie is a very dark chocolate, VERY well gaited filly with an excellent foundation.
We had the distinct pleasure of starting her and were able to shoot her certification video on her 20th day under saddle. That means she could hold gait in both directions for two minutes in a snaffle, barefoot! Click here to see the full 10 minute video of her certification. 

Natalie has a solid foundation of ground work, as well as arena and trail riding. She is very good with her lateral work including turn on the fore and hind, diagonals and shoulder-in.

If you are looking for fun sports, this mare would make a great cow horse. She is very attentive and can really move her front end around, including full spins.
In addition to her gait, she has a wonderful canter and does very nice departts.
Natalie loves to get out of the arena and has been all over the farm trails. She has also been trailered to other farms and to Governor Knowles State Forest where she crosses creeks and bridges.
This is the most curious filly on the farm - always noticing anything new going on and coming to check things out. She stands tied quietly with no complaints and enjoys time being groomed.
If you are looking for a smart mare with excellent gait we couldn't recommend Natalie more.

Natalie's Videos
Would you like to ride in a long evening gown or tails? After riding with a huge tarp on, Natalie can handle that no problem!
Check out Natalie's nice square gait in slow motion.
This balanced filly canters on a loose rein in an open field overlooking our lakes.
Big, noisy garbage trucks go unnoticed by this hard working filly.
Picking out Natalie's feet is fast and easy.
Saddling and bridling are also simple with this quiet filly.
We love to use the round pen as out inside rein as we build Natalie's lovely gait.