SOLD! Splender - The Grulla Phenom!
Meet our bridleless gaiting filly – she’s truly one in a million! Check out her videos below riding bareback and bridleless.

Color: Grulla

Year of Birth: 2008

Size: 15.1

Sire: Spanish Sundown

Dam: CD's 38 Special

Genetics, training, temperament and gait all come together in Splender. First there are her incredibly rare genetics. There are more than 10,000 chocolate Rocky Mountain horses but only 23 grullas. And Splender is a perfect grulla - from her coat color, dorsal stripe and dark masking on her face and ears to the strong primitive markings on her legs and shoulders.In fact, she was the RMHA International 2008 Weanling Champion.

As you can see from her collection of videos, Splender has been carefully trained to maximize her abilities. This coming-four year old was started lightly late last fall and had three more months of training this year. She rides in Western or English tack.You don’t need to hold her head up with a big old bit. Splender rides in a snaffle, knows how to use her back end and has self carriage. She works off your legs, bending her ribcage and softening her neck and poll. 

Splender's temperament is so fun. Her energy gives you the forward needed to maximize her athletic ability and curiosity for learning. At the same time she is sensible and very social. Splender rode in the 2011 Minnesota Horse Expo and has been trail ridden meeting creeks, bridges and cows! With her beautiful headset and elegant long legs, Splender cuts a wonderful figure gaiting. She can also drop her head softly into the bridle for a lovely rolling canter.

We truly believe you will not find a Rocky Mountain horse such as Splender anywhere. Private treaty.

Splender's Videos
Click to see Splender's beautiful gait up the road.
Click to see Splender's gait in the arena
More of Splender gaiting.
Splender riding BAREBACK & BRIDLELESS!
Here we take off the bridle & gait.
Picking Splender's feet is no problem. Click to see.
Saddle up either English or Western.
Putting the bridle on is no trouble with Splender. Click to see.
Splender stands quietly for you to mount.
Getting in the trailers is smooth and easy.