With gorgeous conformation, a calm dispostion and wonderful mind, this gelding has what it is all about. Look below for a full collection of photos and videos.


NLF Divine Trace

Dark Chocolate – Flaxen mane & tail
Year of Birth: 2009
Sire: PGF’s Divine Intervention

Dam: Slateview’s Mercedes

Height:  15- 1/2 hands
It is so fun to have beautiful geldings with great gait, conformation and disposition like Trace around the farm.
We had the pleasure of conditioning up his dam – Slateview’s Mercedes – this spring.He got her good looks and easy going temperament along with a strong curiosity and self confidence.
Trace is a VERY WELL BALANCED horse with fabulous topline and great hindquarters. He learns quickly and can gait and canter on a loose rein. 
He has been trail riding all around the farm and off the farm at the state forest with deer, turkeys, etc. He's also visited cattle and lots of other horses over at friends' farms.
His light  mane and tail don't get tangled and are easy to maintain. You will feel like you have 2 or 3 different horses as this boy changes color throughout the year from deep dark chocolate in the winter to a rich caramel in the dead of summer.
He is SO FRIENDLY, polite on the ground, stands tied and is good with the hoof trimmer - and we have the photos to prove it!
If you are looking for a fine gelding prospect, come take a closer look.

Trace's Videos
Click to see Trace gaiting and cantering in a big open field by the lake
Need a flag horse? Our man Trace can do the job.
Click photo to see Trace do his hands free groundwork
Click photo to see Trace hopping in the trailer.
Click photo to see Trace stand for saddle, bridle and mounting.
Click to see Trace quietly walk along.
Now click to see him gaiting.
Click to see our guy stand quietly while he is vacuumed.