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Best Horse Book Ever

I keep meaning to make a list of my favorite horse books. And I will. In the mean time, I will simply recommend what may well be The Best Horse book Ever. 


Many people know Dr. Deb Bennett from her articles in Eclectic Horseman and Equus on biomechanics. They are excellent.


Conquerors is beyond excellent. It is so stuffed with information that I have now read all 400 pages of it three times. (We have very long dark winters that make for great reading.)


There are countless photos, drawings and graphs. You could just skip the text and still have a wonderful winter’s worth of reading.


In order to explain the history of horsemanship in the New World, Bennett takes you back thousands of years into the Old World. As a cultural history, you learn about the empires, migrations and fashions that molded horses.


Most rewarding for Gaited Horsemanship enthusiasts such as me, Bennett weaves the history of gaited horses throughout the story. Ever wonder why there are almost no gaited horses in Europe?


That’s a whole other entry.


Click here to learn more about Deb Bennett. Ph. D.

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