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Spring brush burning
God Bless America

Have you been to Northern Lakes Farm? If so, there is a very good chance you’ve met Mr. (and maybe Mrs.) God Bless America.


Just about every morning - spring, summer and fall - God Bless (as we call him) flies across the paddock right over our heads and lands on one of the 50-foot Norway spruce trees. This is one of the highest points in western Laketown township. It provides great view for fishing and hunting. He shows up in the winter too but not as often.


Many mornings he talks with me about the things he has seen flying over our shared landscape. Gabby. That is what I’d call him. Very gabby.


There are also many days when Mrs. God Bless joins him. And, some days he brings along his immature eagle son - who, by the way is really growing up now and sometimes comes over by himself.


I wish I had a better picture of the pair up in the tress but my camera doesn’t have the big lens. One of our most beloved clients – Susan – had her son, who lives in California, take pictures with his Hollywood camera but we haven’t seen those yet. This shot is the best proof we have for now.

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