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Otter Clan Visits Northern Lakes Farm

Not sure why, but ice out on Tarbert Lake nearly always brings us a visit from the Otter Clan.

Known for their love of fun and healing, otters are very talkative. My sister, cousin Susu and I got yelled at one September day in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area by four otters as we sunned ourselves on what turned out to be THEIR ROCK.

This time of year, our otters love to swim in the slush along the edge of the ice, occasionally popping up for a roll on the frosty crystals.

This year’s visitors seem well fed, nice and plump right down to the tail. Yesterday I watched one through the birding scope eating a nice fish up on the ice and then sliding back into the watery slush.

I took this video a few years ago from our living room window.

Even though I married a bear, I love the Otter Clan.

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1. Paty | April 30, 2013 at 05:40 PM EDT

A friend of mine drew a medciine card for me on my birthday this past July, and it was an otter. She also made me a quilted otter piece to hang on my wall. We didn't have the chance to discuss what the otter symbolizes, but she wrote to me that she thought it might represent the energy that I need now. I am only now researching possible meanings. Your description of the otter really struck me. There is no energy that I need more in my life right now than that of the otter. Thank you for sharing it.(I know this is a random, long-winded comment. I just wanted to express my gratitude.)

2. Lisa Doerr | May 13, 2013 at 03:22 PM EDT

Hi Paty - So glad to hear from you. Joyous energy comes to my mind from the otter. Hunger followed by fun!

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